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The best of October!

Hell yeah! We’re on the downhill to December, baby! As the temperatures heat up, we’re finding more and more reasons to crack open a Chilled Green Apple and #AddSomeFlavour to the day because you know what, everything is better when you add Flying Fish.

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But more of that later, right here and now, let’s salute October with a throwback to the highlights of the month.

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Finally. You can break up with your bae. Adele is back, and she’s returned with the perfect post-breakup single, “Hello”.

Classic Adele, the song is proof that no matter how bad things are, at least you’re not Adele’s ex.


WTF? Why is Adele using a flip phone, though?

Also, Lionel has been calling…


In other music news, Little Dragon performed in Jozi and CPT, take a peek at some of the fly peeps we spotted at the Jozi concert held in Newtown.

Hey, Trev!


The video for “Hotline Bling” dropped and predictably Drake broke the Internet.

In the words of Four Pins writer Skylar Bergl: “It’s safe to say that “Hotline Bling” will surely sustain us until the next great meme-able moment comes along, most likely from Drake again as he is clearly the king of the Internet.”


In other Drake news, the king of Toronto turned 29 and his fans decided to celebrate all over Meek’s timeline… #ZeroChill


Once the king of social networks in SA, Mxit is now officially dead. The local company announced that it would be shutting down operations after its user numbers continued to dramatically plummet from its 2013 heyday of 7.5 million. 

#AddSomeFlavour and share: what’s your favourite social network? Tell us in the comments below. 


For one stylish week each year, South Africa celebrates local threads, and the twelebs, celebs, fashion killas and bloggers all come out to judge each other’s outfits play.

Our boy, Siya Beyile a.k.a. The Threaded Man was there and he sent us this fly report.

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