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1 on 1 with LootLove

Boundary-breaking, sneaker-wearing, no-prisoners-taking – she’s unapologetically LootLove and she’s the queen of fly but she goes by “King Loot”.

When it comes embracing her unique flavour, her philosophy is this:

“The thing is, the world tries to convince you that being yourself is wrong, and that’s pure trash. Do you whatever “you” is.

We caught up with Loot to talk about everything from cupcakes and Rihanna to her take on the Add Some Flavour Network.

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Tell us about the Add Some Flavour Network.

I think it’s just a whole lot of cool people coming together and sharing their own cool. Everybody brings their own individual flavour and it’s all about enjoying each other’s flavour in the same space without feeling like you need to outdo the other person because everyone has their own cool.

The Flavour Network is about coming together and sharing all of that cool and getting the best out of it. Because you know teamwork makes the dream work, I sound like I’m talking at a Miss South Africa pageant. [Laughs]

But for real, it’s about spending time to make your own cool pop and embracing everyone else’s cool as well so you can make a better creation.

It’s like if everybody came together with their own flavours like The Avengers or something.

You shouldn’t try to dim someone else’s shine in order for you to shine. Your cool isn’t down to the fact that you know that you shine, and if someone has a different light, or a different flavour – it’s okay because we can all coexist and be dope, yeah?

What does #AddSomeFlavour mean to you?

It’s almost like a colouring book, you get all of these different lines for different things and then you decide. You get the blank canvas, empty as it is and then you pick your favourite colours and you put them where you choose, you know what I mean?

Or here’s another one: you make a regular cupcake but the sprinkles that you put on it or the icing that you add that is what makes it what it is. So, it’s about different canvases with different sparkles and cool things but according to what you like. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I like sugar and cookies!

Do you have an example in your life where you’ve taken the expected and made it unexpected?

Definitely. It’s gonna sound so cheesy but when I got into the industry, it was an industry where freakum dresses, weaves and super high heels were hot and that’s just not who I was. So I was like “You know what, I’m gonna stick to the hair that I have,” first of all ‘cos ain’t nobody trying to pay R5k for a weave. Also, I’m a sneaker girl, I was never a heel girl so I made it my thing. And luckily for me, it worked out and sometimes I get free sneakers.

I stuck to being me cause it’s just the most comfortable thing and actually the only thing that I had.

Everybody else just looked the same and I just figured “You got the real hair and you’re straight flat on your feet and that works!” So, I think that’s probably the best example of me just doing me in spaces where I am expected to do otherwise.

Do you have anyone that you admire, who does the same?

Yeah, man! A lot of people, but my friends first of all. But if I am dropping girls in the industry, I’m dropping names like Nomuzi Mabena. I love her because she’s just herself and you know she has always been. She’s referenced as “Young Ma Brrr” but it’s an attitude thing, she’s like, “I’ve got no hair on my head but I’m still bomb.” You obviously get the Rihannas of the world who are like “Hey man, everybody on the red carpet is wearing this, but I’m gonna wear a big fluffy dress and it’s gonna work because I look like a Disney princess, but not the regular one.”

So, any girl who pushes individuality and any girl who owns the fact that she is tomboyish like Ciara any girl that owns everything that she is. Or, like a Beyoncé, who owns the curves. Anyone who owns what they can’t change is really like a great example of celebrating individuality and all that stuff.

Is there anyone that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Uhhh, look girl. I feel like if Balmain was like “Hey, Loot” then I’d be like “HEY!” because I’ve loved them for a very, very long time. I’ve always enjoyed their stuff so I think fashion-wise that would be cool. I’d love to make my own sneaker with Nike. My collaborations are like weird things, but I’m always trying to do things that I genuinely like.

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