Flying Fish  5 Style Tribes Running SA

5 Style Tribes Running SA

So, where do you fit in?

Mzansi fashion crews on the streets right now!

Trying to define South African style is like trying to fathom the greatness of Nas’s “Illmatic” album – it simply cannot be done, brah. While European tourists often comment on the tartrazine brightness of our threads, it is tough to grasp the essence of South African steez. I mean, seriously, have you seen our flag?

A distillation of everything – the media, politics, culture and everyday livin’ – South African style is as diverse as we all are, and yet, if you look real close, you can discern these 5 style tribes. Found in their natural habitat from Maboneng to Camps Bay, have you spotted them?

  1. Boyzn Bucks

Riky Rick spits “the boyz ‘n the bucks, the boyz ‘n the bucks” on his track “Nafukwa” and it sounds like a mantra.

Flying Fish Boyzn Bucks.

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Their Facebook page describes them as “childhood friends” and “street culture connoisseurs” but the Boyz influence spreads far beyond their childhood squad.

Probably the most interesting fashion tribe to emerge from the streets of Jozi lately, the Boyz are the reason that you see dudes in the club dressed like they’re fresh from a motocross tournament.

  1. Girl Gangs

Paying homage to the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, nationwide girl gangs stay slaying with their coordinated outfits.

Flying Fish Woman

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 You’ll notice them with their Instagram-ready poses demanding the obligatory #SquadGoals caption and their affinity for trendy weekend markets. From The Social Market in Pretoria to the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town – girl gangs rule with a straight face.

One can only imagine the WhatsApp group chats that must occur to manifest such synchronised steez, but they sure do look pretty on our Tumblr feeds.

  1. Bruthas and Babes

There’s one thing that you can always rely on, bruthas and babes’ unwavering commitment to the dress code – “suns out, guns out”.

Flying Fish Woman And Men

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Emboldened by even the weakest ray of sunlight, bruthas and babes can be found bravely rocking a Cotton On tank top and shades at music festivals across the country.

  1. Blogger Beauts

With fashion bloggers Kefi Boo and Aisha Baker as their ultimate inspiration, SA blogger beauts are likely to be found at Tasha’s editing their #ootd photos for Instagram.

Flying Fish Woman


With a flair for mixing Top Shop with Louis Vuitton, these beauts treat shopping like a competition – she who buys the most, wins!

  1. Hipsters

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this worldwide style tribe. Recognisable from Williamsburg to Woodstock, true hipsters are global creatures united by their devotion to perfectly coiffed cuts and Japanese selvedge denim.

Flying Fish Men


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, hipsters are probably the brains behind your favourite coffee joint and that painfully cool hole-in-the-wall bar that you love so much.

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