Flying Fish Payday Must Haves


Gents, prepare your wallet!

Your payday guide to denting your wallet

The Internet is not your friend. When you’re broke and scrolling through Facebook, all the ads for all the things you’ve ever wanted tease you and whisper: “Buy me! Groceries, who needs ‘em?” Well gents, those days are gone, long gone. For that glorious time of the month is upon us: payday!

Being all about #EvenMoreFlavour, we’ve come prepared because the last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned cash on things that aren’t straight up fly.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 things that you need to own right now, as in right this second.


Don’t let your kicks game bring you down. You’re a swish pair of sneakers, not some old flip flops – act like it. If you need some inspiration, check out The 50 Greatest Sneaker References in Rap History here.

These noir beauties are practical too because anyone who has ever owned a pair of white sneakers knows that maintenance is a hassle, and stepping in the club is practically an obstacle course when you’re trying to keep your kicks fresh. If you stay on the dark side, you’re guaranteed to look sharp no matter your environment.

Flying Fish Puma

Why you need them right now?

+ All black everything – it’s a thing. Jay Z said, remember this?
+ You’ll probably wear ‘em every day, that’s 365 days of happiness.
+ The Puma Disc ’89 merges two of Puma’s most popular silhouettes (R698 and the Disc Blaze), that’s two for the price of one right?

What are you waiting for? Cop a pair online at Shelflife now.

If you’re feeling extra-special generous, the Nike Airforce 1 Ultra Flyknit is your ticket to brownie points for days. It’s a fact: couples who rock sneakers together, stay together.

Flying Fish Nike


So, this is how it usually goes: favourite musician/DJ announces dates -> hysteria -> excitement -> vague plans -> FOMO

Well, not this time, you hear?! This time, you’re going to get tickets right here and now. Yes, that’s right, right now. Because life is short, son.

Flying Fish People

Computicket, TicketPro and Quickets are your portals to a FOMO-free 2016, book wisely!

Fly suggestions: Nicki Minaj, The Wknd Social and Afrika Burn.

Think #EvenMoreFlavour: check out 22 Breathtaking Festivals Around the World That You Must See Before You Die.


Everybody can go to the mall and buy some threads, but not everybody can see the sparkle in those old dudes’ clothes at your favourite thrift spot. It’s a special talent that doesn’t get enough credit, and if you do it really well, doesn’t spend any credit either.

The thing is, you’ve got to know where to go to find your own vintage victory. That’s where we come in!

Flying Fish Vintage

Shop these thrifty spots below and look like a million bucks on a budget.

+ Dr Pachanga in the new Work Shop New Town = best for old-school Lee jeans and summer shirts.
+ Fruitcake Vintage in Pritchard Street, Jozi = best for those statement pieces and steals under R150.
+ Bonnie & Clyde at The Corner Café, Durban = best for unexpected gems and jackets.

Need a hook-up to Cape Town thrifting? You’ve got to read Maque DeGorgeous’ guide to Looking Fly on a Budget.


Every year that you don’t get that tattoo that you always wanted is another year not living up to your fly potential. Do you, bruh. Your body is your canvas, now make it a piece of art. If anyone asks you in a whining voice: “But what’s gonna happen when you’re old?”

Say nothing and show them a picture of fashion king Nick “The Woo” Wooster.

Flying Fish Nick Woo

But whatever you do, learn from these horrifying mistakes.


So, you know how you’ve had that idea in the back of your mind? You know the one. Whether it’s the idea to try a new hobby, study something new or to start your own business, invest in it and take the very first step. Studying, new ventures and that hobby for after-work hours all don’t come cheap, but none of the best things do.

Flying Fish  Drake

If you invest today, imagine where you’ll be in one year’s time?

The fly guide to starting anything:

+ Tell someone. If you tell someone, it makes it real and if it’s real then you’re already an inch closer to living like every day is your birthday.
+ Wanna be your own boss? Get a mentor. Find someone who’s already doing what you want to do and ask very nicely for a peek into how things look from their side. Chances are, they’ll be happy to help the next big thing (that’s you)!
+ Listen to “Started From The Bottom” on repeat.


Now we’re not denying the joy of new things. Whose life has not been upgraded by a new pair of sneakers? Show us that person and we’ll show you a liar. But, the truth is: things are just things #DEEP.

The real 100% happiness in life comes from experiences and moments that live forever as memories. So, whatever is your vibe; whether it’s hanging out with your crew or spending some time with your bae – do that and do it right!

Make Friday night the best night with your boys, or how about surprising your lil’ bro with movie night? Whatever you choose, make it memorable. Your future self will thank you.


Consider this your national duty. Buy local and make the circle bigger by supporting young designers from your own backyard. Proudly South African ain’t just for biltong and bakkies, y’know? For the fly hook-up to Mzansi fashion, you have to check out

Our fly picks from RHTC:

Flying Fish  Tee 2

Flying Fish  Tee 2

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