Flying Fish Things We Wont´t Miss On Mars


Can we move already?!

Bye, Earth! Hello, Mars!

Test - Here at Flying Fish HQ, we’re all about maxing out the WiFi and exploring the great unknown: the Internet. The truth is, there’s a whole universe beyond Twitter and Facebook (hard to believe, we know).

Flying Fish Hello Mars

So when we stumbled upon OTL we knew that we had discovered something fly. Topical, hella smart and always on point – these dudes give you all the fuel you need for your next conversation with the crew.

But back to the great unknown, and in true Flying Fish spirit we might add, we decided to switch it up and ask the OTL dudes about something truly outta this world: Mars. I mean, Earth is fly and all, but sometimes it’s a Tuesday and the afternoon is dragging and we’re like “nah, let’s jump this planet, gents!”

I mean, you might not have heard, but word on the street is that in the not so distant future, we might send humans to Mars and start a new colony or something. Some think it’s a waste of money, but other cats think it’s a dope idea.

Well either way, after reading the OTL’s 7 things we won’t miss on Mars we’re kinda ready for a young vacay in outer space.


  1. Drake memes

Flying Fish Drake

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest Drake stan and the boy can do no wrong, but the meme game around him is next level.

This dude puts out a dance video and within a day we have lightsabers edited into his dance moves. LIGHTSABERS. I love Drake but the excessive memes can miss me.

  1. Twitter haters

Flying Fish Twitter Haters

You know how it is when Twitter catches onto something. Research and facts are ignored and it’s straight hating until people get bored of the hashtag and move on.

Social media has let us get so connected to celebrities but it also means the public have free and often unpoliced access to celebs @’s. Twitter hating is easily the best thing we’re not going to miss if we moved to Mars.

  1. Weak fashion trends

Flying Fish Weak Fashion

I know it’ll happen eventually, but in the start we won’t have to deal with people trying to “express” themselves with weak fashion styles. No one will be wearing crocs or khaki on khaki. Homies will be too focused on establishing themselves and surviving.

It will be a refreshing time, even if short-lived. Eventually, though, someone will ruin it for everybody and find out how to make fake glasses a thing again. Rude.

  1. Motivational posters

Flying Fish Motivational

#MondayMotivation is one of the worst hashtags ever invented. Every Monday peeps are out here sharing posters saying the world is theirs and haters need to fall back but then they don’t go out and chase their dreams. Sharing a motivational poster on social media doesn’t automatically make you ambitious, yo.

  1. Bank charges

Flying Fish Bank Charges

Bank charges keeping our flexing game weak. We’re always on that struggle bus trying to get to the end of the month and then we forget about bank charges like we’ve never been burned before.

You know how it is when you have less than R50 in your account and you have to decide if you’re okay getting hit with that bank charge and if it’s worth even withdrawing. S/O to ATMs making us pay to withdraw our own cash.

  1. Running out of data

Flying Fish Data

Picture this. You’re finding out where the squad is and what the plans are for tonight and then the group chat goes quiet. You’re getting annoyed and then you see the WhatsApp “send” sign goes grey. You’re out of data.

It’s even worse when you accidentally click something on Facebook and boom, it’s a video. Your data bundle wasn’t ready for it. You tap out faster than Meek Mill quit Twitter after Drake bodied him the first time.

  1. Waiting forever for your artist to finally drop their album/mixtape

Flying Fish No Mixtape

This goes out to all the Frank Ocean stans. We see you. Young Thug stans are out here eating, Thugger dropping singles and mixtapes on the daily and you’re all over there, waiting for a tweet that says the album is coming out soon. Yeezy fans, you’re kind of starving too, waiting for Swish and hoping he doesn’t decide to change the name again.

In Mars though, no one needs to worry about any of that. Martians (we’re calling them that at some point though, come on) will be too busy surviving and making history. But let’s be honest, a new Yeezy album would make living on Mars so dope.

If you can think of any other wack things we won’t miss on Mars, shout in the comments below.

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