Flying Fish Braam’s Foodies

Braam’s Foodies

We take you on a tasty tour of Jozi’s own Brooklyn (but better) bite-by-bite 

Eat Your Way through Braamies

So let’s get this straight: if you live in Jozi and your Instagram profile is without at least a few #Braamies pics – then you’re doing it wrong. This is especially true if you’re a young foodie looking for a delicious bite to eat outside of Joburg’s dime a dozen strip malls.

Escape the ‘burbs, free yourself of the franchise and feed your face in Jozi’s coolest spot, Braamies.


Flying Fish Post, Braamfontein

Post, Braamfontein

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Would you just look at that? This is the kinda background that Tumblr dreams of. But step inside this excessively cool spot (record player – check, hot staff – check) and you’ll find the kind of bacon sandwich that inspires devotion.

Insider’s tip: If you’re hanging after a rough night, order the ginger and honey hot drink.

Next stop: Step outside Post and walk across the road to this cabin-in-the-woods inspired coffee den.


Flying Fish Father, Braamfontein

Father, Braamfontein


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The granddaddy of great coffee, Father is the best place to people-watch with an iced Americano in hand. Grab a seat on the bench outside and watch out for the flash of the ever-present style blogger.

Insider’s tip: Ball so hard and order a R100 skhotado and earn your pic on Father’s Instagram.

Next stop: Turn left and walk straight down the street until you see the Creme-Soda-green building with the school bench outside.


Daleahs, Braamfontein

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The bright exterior means that you can’t miss it. The delicious beef sliders mean that you don’t want to. Order a craft beer (or five) and relax at this cute eatery.

Insider’s tip: Call (011) 403 0243 to book a table – this place gets packed!

Next stop: Walk back up De Beer Street and turn right onto Juta. On the left you’ll find this corner coffee spot that’s two times the fun.


Flying Fish Doubleshot, Braamfontein

Doubleshot, Braamfontein

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The best place for an after-lunch pick-me-up before the Itis sets in, Doubleshot is the only place to order a mocha latte.

Insider’s tip: Their pour over espresso is a coffee lover’s idea of heaven.

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