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Bacon, Bae!

“Do you want my leftover bacon?” – said no one ever

Bacon is like a high-5 for your mouth

Now, we know that calling bacon a “food trend” is as ground-breaking as calling jeans a “fashion trend” – we’ve been having it and humanity is forever grateful. But this doesn’t mean that bacon isn’t having a bit of a moment (again), some call is a renaissance and some have been bold enough to call it a “baconaissance” – either way, it’s delicious and it’s awesome.

At the peak of bacon fever, nothing was spared the salty magic of bacon – we’re talking about bacon-sprinkled cupcakes and even bacon-scented lip balm. In other words: BACON EVERYTHING.

Flying Fish Bacon Everything

PSA: Do not purchase bacon-scented perfume.

Recently, foodies and bacon lovers alike have sidestepped novelty in favour of a more purist, traditional appreciation of bacon. Think good ol’ fashioned bae – bacon and eggs – instead of bacon-flavoured ice cream.

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In fact, even some so-called vegetarians acknowledge the allure of the greasy goodness of bacon and so the “Hypocrite Burger” was born. A confusing yet delicious marriage between a veggie patty and bacon strips, the burger was considered an urban legend due to its off-the-menu status at Fatburger, the L.A.-based take out that created this hybrid beast of flavour.

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Did you know? The phrase “bring home the bacon” dates back to the 12th century when a church in England offered bacon as a prize to any man who could swear that he had not, ahem, had beef with his wife for a year and a day. Thus, any man that could “bring home the bacon” was given mad props in his community.

Back to 2015 and a bit closer to home, Cape Town’s Bacon on Bree is a restaurant dedicated to bacon, lovingly described as a “baconporium”.

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Serving a diet-crushing selection ranging from the classic BLT to more creative dishes like “The Yank”, which gloriously combines the salty with the sweet – think an impossibly flaky croissant, bacon and macadamia nut honey butter – Bacon on Bree is a beautiful rebellion against the eat-clean-train-dirty tribe.

If you’re in love with bacon and you’re not afraid who knows it, make it official and join the Bacon of the Month Club. Operating in various locations in and around Jozi and Cape Town, this is the kind of inspired idea that makes you proud to be a South African.

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Created as an answer to the eternal question: “who is the fairest rasher of them all?” The club offers subscribers a chance to enjoy twelve different bacon flavours for twelve months. That’s a year’s worth of bacon bliss – but it doesn’t come cheap – R2 400 for the greasy pleasure but isn’t true love priceless?

Need some bacon-flavoured inspiration? Click here and bookmark Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the perfect bacon sandwich. Or, if you’re in Jozi – hit up Post in Braamies and smash a hangover-busting bacon sandwich.

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