Flying Fish Gallery

Chasing art & inspiration in Jozi


A new season means a new opportunity to engage with the unexpected. But when inspiration is only giving you blue ticks and no reply, it’s time to ignite your imagination on your own terms. It’s time to find your flavour.

Stirred by the unconventional spirit of Flying Fish, we wanted to witness creative brilliance and then do it all over again, 5 times, actually.

Because sometimes you need to step outta your routine and stare at some paint on the wall in order to discover your off-the-wall, totally fly idea.

Take a trip with us and tick off these top 5 Jozi galleries. Don’t stop, just go!

First stop: Everard Read

Flying Fish Everard Read

Only a few minutes’ drive from Rosebank Mall, the official word is that this is an interesting gallery filled with daring and thought-provoking art. However, the unofficial word is that this is one of the best places in Jozi for a selfie. The jungle-like gardens of greenery are the perfect background for your next fly upload.

Experience Everard Read for yourself, click here for deets.

Second stop: CIRCA Gallery

Flying Fish Circa Gallery

As it so happens, inspiration exists alongside a sneaker shop and a burger joint. Across the road from Everard Read and next door to Shelflife and BGR, the modern CIRCA Gallery is a futuristic world of art. Grab a new pair of kicks at Shelflife and then race up the gallery’s iconic stairway.

Keen to visit right now? Click here for everything you need to know.

Third stop: Goodman Gallery

Flying Fish  Goodman Gallery

Home to some of the freshest young talent in the local art world, the 50-year-old Goodman Gallery is a must-see if you wanna get to grips with what’s fly in the art world. Fly trick: put your headphones on and browse the gallery with a soundtrack.

Never miss a chance to experience the unexpected, check out what’s on show here.

Fourth stop: Stevenson Gallery

Flying Fish Stevenson Gallery

From the bar counter of Kitchener’s, it might be hard to believe that an oasis of creativity exists only a few steps outside. Stevenson is your Braam hook-up to all that’s inspired. What are you waiting for? Skip the Braam strip and peek inside the mind of an artist.

Check this to learn more and don’t forget to stop by for First Thursdays.

Fifth stop: Standard Bank Gallery

Flying Fish Gallery

The granddaddy of galleries in Jozi, the Standard Bank Gallery attracts the best and the flyest. Think the greats like Picasso, Matisse and just about every hot-property artist. Take a seat on one of the comfy couches and let the work of geniuses wash over you.

Recharge your imagination, click here and explore.