Flying Fish Does your hair really look fly?

Does your hair *really* look fly?

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be!

Hot hair trends from the pros

Flying Fish Hot Hair

Flying Fish Hot Hair


A wise lady once tweeted: “Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be”. After bunking class and witnessing the mad skillz at the Flying Fish Bus Stop Barber, we have to agree.

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Flying Fish After


Tag team hairstylists, Karen and Marcus, wielded their scissors like magic wands and straight up transformed hair no-no’s into hair hell-yeah’s while confirming our long-held belief that everyone can look hot with the right haircut.

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It’s a scientific fact that a banging haircut can raise you a whopping 2 points on the hotness scale; that means you can go from a well-rounded 6 to an almost-a-supermodel 8. Think early-2000s Calvin Harris vs 2015 Calvin Harris. You get the picture.

So with that in mind, we got the 411 from Karen and Marcus on everything from hot summer hurr and hairy situations, to that redhead, Prince Harry.

What are the hottest hair trends for summer? Guys and girls?

Karen: For girls the trend is quite 70s. I don’t know if you know who Joan Jett is, but the haircuts are going like that for guys and girls. So basically much longer and kinda like Oasis with a modern edge to it.

Marcus: Obviously, what we call the “iconic look” – solid bold colours and funky texture.

In your opinion, which SA celeb has the freshest haircut?

Karen: Tamara Dey. She’s up for anything. Every time I see her it’s something new. Danny K’s hair always looks immaculate.

Marcus: I always give it to my girl, Nandi Mngoma – I created that look. I should actually copyright it.

Serious q: should you tell your friend if they have a bad haircut?

Karen: Put it this way, if I had a bad haircut I would like someone to tell me. It’s like when your friend has a dingle berry in her nose, you should say, “Listen chick, you got something in your nose” – you can’t let her talk to 20 people like that!

Marcus: Yeah always, because I believe a haircut is the basis of everything. If it is f*cked up – excuse my French – then I think you have to tell your friend.

“Just say, ‘Look, buddy, I love you, but I don’t think you should go back to that hairdresser.'”

Any advice for keeping hair looking hot?

Karen: Regular treatments and regular haircuts, even if you’re growing it.

Marcus: See your barber regularly. We know that people have budget issues, but you have to have your hair done regularly.

If you could cut any celebrity’s hair, who would it be?

Karen: Heidi Klum. I think she’s pretty cool. And that prince with the red hair – Harry – I think he’s quite mad!

Marcus: I have cut most of them already. Zakes Bantwini, Katlego Danke, Nandi Mngoma. JR. I’m that guy – I go by “famous razorblade”.

If you could ban one hairstyle, what would it be?

Karen: I’m not big on perms.

“I was going to say a mullet, but a mullet can actually look cool sometimes.”

Marcus: I think braiding sucks. People could do better.

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