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Exclusive Q&A with Greiispaces


Finding colour in grey spaces

Illustrator, designer, muralist and art director, Lazi Mathebula aka @greiispaces knows how to refresh grey spaces. When he’s not designing tees or traveling the world, he’s collaborating with the brand that adds flavour to the familiar.

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Flying Fish Men

Extracting the exceptional from everyday items and depicting them as vibrant works of art, Alexandra-born Lazi’s super power is his eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he would collaborate with the brand that’s always on the lookout for a refreshing perspective on the familiar.

We caught us with this multitalented creative and covered everything from hot music to cool tumblers.  

1.    How did your collaboration with Flying Fish come about?

The first project I did was a collaboration with Punk and Ivy for the Flying Fish fashion show that took place for the launch of the #AddSomeFlavour Network

After that, I did two other projects with Flying Fish, one being the DJ Switch wall mural at Zone 6 and the other being the glass tumblers for the upcoming promotion.

2.    What was the first thought that popped into your head when you were approached by Flying Fish?

Good brand association, growth and excitement.

3. You were approached by Flying Fish to add a refreshing design to ordinary tumblers. Explain the inspiration behind your Flying Fish X Greiispaces tumbler collaboration?

My main inspiration is the African aesthetic, so that comes out a lot in my work and was my angle throughout.

Flying Fish Packshot Glasses

4.    Describe your average day as a creative?

Research, research, research! Plus, a bit of writing and a bit of creating. But research informs the work.

6.    Which creatives are on your radar right now?

urbanmosadi and me.

7.    What projects are you currently working on?

Just wrapped up a fifteen-day residency in Amsterdam for a show I was invited to, and I'm currently working on a personal project.

8.    What has been your career highlight so far?

Being able to travel to Europe simply cos of what I do.

9.    What’s on your playlist right now?

Anderson Paak | Malibu

Modern Jazz Quartet | Django