Flying Fish Fly Predictions For 2016


NY predictions from the fly squad

What a time to be alive!

We’re back, bruh! You know the deal, it’s a new year and a new opportunity to #AddSomeFlavour with your crew here at Flying Fish HQ. To celebrate the January back-to-school vibes, we thought it would be fly to check out our favourite peeps’ predictions for twenty-sixteen.

From The Threaded Man and Sunshine Shibambo to Trevor Stuurman and DJ Switch – we’ve got your guide to 2016 trends. But before you scroll down, remember to check us out on social @FlyingFishSA – that’s where the magic happens.

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3-2-1! The future, today!

Siya Beyile, The Threaded Man’s 2016 predictions

When it comes to menswear blogging in South Africa, there’s one cat dominating the game. His ID says “Siya Beyile” but his destiny says “The Threaded Man”. If you’ve been data-less for a couple of years, discover his blog here.

Flying Fish ttm prediction

+ Drake’s new album will definitely change music culture. (While we wait, check out his archrival Meek’s 4-song EP titled “4/4” here.)

+ In fashion, neutrals are definitely going to be the trend, think less colour and more neutrals.

+ Nasty C is going to be amazing in the rap game, he’s young but 2016 will be a big year for him.

+ The Threaded Man will do bigger and better things in the market place and influence the local men’s fashion industry.

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From Kanye-flavoured neutrals inspired by Mad Max meets New York, to filling up FNB stadium, we’ve got you covered.

What do you think about Drake’s new album art: fly or nah?

Trevor Stuurman’s 2016 predictions

He’s the guy that defies the ordinary. You see, up until Trev showed up to school us, photographers were behind the scenes and with good reason. Fast-forward to Trevor’s game-changing outfits and brave style, he’s the guy that people want to be photographed by AND he’s the guy that people want to be photographed with. Recently shining in Milan for Pitti Uomo, Mr Stuurman has a one-way ticket to the top.

Flying Fish Trevor predictions

+ Lawrence Maleka – will be next big thing in entertainment.

+ More creative collaborations between brands and creatives – think Poppy Ntshongwana and Superga.

+ Chulaap will present the future of men’s fashion.

+ Black Coffee will fill up FNB stadium.

+ Frank Ocean will release a new album. (We want to believe you, we really want to believe you.)

+ The world is not going to end. (Damn, that’s a relief.)

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DJ Switch’s 2016 predictions

“Way It Go” maestro, DJ Switch is an expert when it comes to all things music, listen to his latest album and you’ll find it hard to disagree. A veteran in the game, when DJ Switch says something is going to be fire, best you believe him.

Pro advice from the man himself: “You need to see the INVISIBLE in order to do the IMPOSSIBLE.”

Flying Fish dj switch predictions

+ DJ Switch will release the hottest mix tap in 2016.

+ Nasty C and Emcee will be the breakout stars in music. (Nasty C making waves all over this predictions list.)

+ Cassper Nyovest will be filling up Orlando Stadium.

+ Black Coffee will definitely fill up FNB stadium.

+ Hip hop will become even bigger in South Africa.

Feelin’ the music flavour? Listen to DJ Switch’s track here.

Sunshine Shibambo’s 2016 predictions

If you want to know what’s fly in Jozi, you should be making a plan to cosy up to connoisseur of cool, Sunshine. The G.O.A.T. Soweto tour guide (check here), brand consultant/stylist Sunshine lives up to her name.

Flying Fish Sunshine predictions

+ The natural hair movement is going to grow and black women are going to embrace their hair more.

+ pH is going to be massive in music and he will deliver great music with a unique Tsonga sound (We’ve got this pH track with Thandiswa Mazwai on repeat).

+ Patty Monroe will release new music and she will be doing fun things in fashion and definitely pushing the envelope.

+ Local designers are going to become massive as they become more retail. Think Thula Sindi, Rich Factory, Maria McCloy.

+ More niche and capsule events driven by brands, consumers can now pick and choose what engagements they like.

New to Patty Monroe’s music? Headphones in and listen here.

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