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Gareth Pon + Flying Fish = WIN!

Behind the #FlavourCollection

Africa’s IG star Gareth Pon talks about his photos

He’s Africa’s top Instagrammer! He wears bow ties! He likes to tell stories with pictures!

It’s Gareth Pon, and he’s collaborating with Flying Fish to bring you visuals that twist your thinking and challenge the imagination.

We speak to the top South African filmmaker and photographer to find out more about the creative behind his mind-bending picture stories on our Instagram feed

Flying Fish City

In the beginning, there was… an idea

Gareth says: “I’ve never been given such creative freedom when it came to creating imagery for an alcohol brand, as most briefs require event-based photography and the like. This was far more artistic and focused on creating clever images. It was great to be given such sway and insight into shaping the Flying Fish brand.”

Flying Fish In the beginning there we an idea

Creating images for the #FlavourCollection

Using a range of props and cleverly integrating bottles of Flying Fish into his images, Gareth created visual collections for the Flying Fish Instagram account.

Using the hashtags #FlavourCollection and #FlyForFlavour, each image tells a story with a twist.

Gareth says: “There are a number of themes that are brought to life through the pictures, which put a fun twist on beer – exactly what Flying Fish does! Images were conceptualised and shot with the aim of making them more than just pretty pictures – we wanted to create intellectual thought pieces that stood out.”

Flying Fish

Smarten up!

Gareth started the #FlavourCollection by imbuing a sense of his personal style and placed one of his signature bow ties around a Flying Fish bottle.

Flying Fish

Seize the day! And the props…

Taking a look at some of the Instagram shots, he created for the #FlavourCollection, Gareth told us that he “made good use of the Flying Fish bottles that were delivered to me. I got a lot of stock to play with!”

Flying Fish

Tricks of the trade

Using a few photographic tricks and interesting acrobatics, Gareth created quite a few off-the-wall images. He says: “For ‘Bottoms Up’, I asked my model to lie against a wall with her legs in the air. It’s a really cool and out of the box perspective on the idea of ‘Bottoms up’!”

Flying Fish Men

Fly for Flavour

With one of the images tagged #FlyForFlavour, Gareth makes it appear as if YFM DJ Cyprian Ndlovu really is flying. “It’s a perspective trick. I used a really high shutter speed while Cyprian jumped as high as he could while holding a pose. This type of image is pretty popular among the Instagram community and is commonly known as a Jumpstagram or Levitationgram.”

Flying Fish Men

Open your eyes!

Gareth likes to see the world a little differently and, thanks to Flying Fish, we can see it through his eyes now too.

Flying Fish

P.S. Look out for Gareth’s next collection on our Instagram and take a look at his top 5 tips for awesome portraits.