Flying Fish Gareth Pon’s tips for awesome portraits

Gareth Pon’s tips for awesome portraits

Learn how to snap portraits like a pro!

Africa’s No.1 Instagrammer

While the rest of us scroll through Instagram for fun, Africa’s IG OG gets paid to upload pics #mustbenice.

Gareth Pon has also mastered the art of the perfect portrait. We got him to spill his insider secrets so that you too can earn those double taps on your Instagram.

1. Take your time. We often rush and hustle to take photos. But one of the most important things to remember is that a good portrait takes patience and effort to expose for the right image.

2. Understand light, look for the right kind of light that suits your style of portraiture. I’ll often walk and notice a pocket of light or a hint of light that shines through in a ray and that’s where I know to take a portrait. If you train your eye to notice these pockets, you’ll start seeing them more.

3. Honour your subject. I’ve seen a lot of portrait photographers edit/shoot their images in a way that the final result doesn’t honour their subject. This basically means that because you’re taking a photo of someone, it’s in your best interest to make that person look absolutely amazing! That comes with how you shoot and edit the image.

4. Try communicate emotion. Portraiture is all about emotion. I see it too many times when a portrait looks absolutely stunning and beautiful but in all honesty it doesn’t say much emotionally. Whenever I capture portraits I try reach deeper than the surface and capture a bit of what lies beneath.

5. Never stop. If you want to take better portraits the best way to learn is to shoot more and let your style and love for portraiture develop.

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Now that you have the scoop, get snapping!

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