Flying Fish  How to rock denim on denim

How to rock denim on denim

Add some flavour with classic denim!

Double the denim, double the steez, with The Threaded Man

SA’s own Queen Bee, Bonang, named Siya Beyile as one of the best-dressed men in the country and with good reason, he’s the founder of The Threaded Man style portal and a ‘captain of cool’.

With winter in its prime, we reckon that the double denim trend is your best bet when it comes to style and practicality. Let’s be real – if Kanye rocks denim on denim, it must be fly, right? But Kanye levels of steez require careful instruction and so we turned to our resident trend expert, The Threaded Man himself, for the denim deux hook-up.

Flying Fish Threaded Man

Style 101: The Threaded Man denim on denim

“Denim is the best investment when it comes to your wardrobe because it can go with anything, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. Straight from the office to after-work drinks – denim puts in the hours.

“The only issue is that most gents don’t know how to style denim, but don’t you worry, these tips will sort you out one time.”

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Get shaded

“What most people get wrong when it comes to denim is that they always wear different shades. It’s important that if you are wearing denim on denim that you keep it the same colour.”

Flying Fish Fashion Men

Get the classic denim shirt

“The denim shirt is a stand-out item, whether you wear it alone (it’s warm enough for those chilly evenings) or you add some flavour to your office outfit by including a blazer and tie.

“Pro tip: when choosing a denim shirt, always make sure that it’s a slimmer cut so that it can sit well on your arms and shoulders.”

Flying Fish Fashion Men

Flying Fish Fashion Men

Get layered

“Neutral pieces go well with denim, especially in winter. For the colder months, I like to layer my pieces with grey crewnecks as they complement my collection of denim jackets. I am currently obsessed with pairing my grey crewnecks with my Levi’s sherpa denim jacket, which has the all-white warm linen inside.

“Try this: wear denim shorts for a different vibe.”

Flying Fish Fashion Men

Get it right: the white denim jacket

“The white denim jacket is one of the must-have pieces this season, and it’s important that you know how to style it. Warning! It’s a standout accessory and if worn the wrong way, it makes your whole outfit look out of place.

“For my casual look, I wore a black Supremebeing vest, with black tapered skinny jeans from Guess. This allowed the white denim jacket to be the main focus.

“When it comes to a smart-casual outfit, it’s important to wear complementary colours. For my smart casual look I wore blue jeans, a white shirt – with a blue and white tie – and brought everything together with a white denim jacket. I also wanted to make the outfit a bit more quirky, so I finished it off with red socks.

“A white denim jacket is an investment piece that will last you through the seasons. Trust me, it will add some flavour to your outfit. Pro tip: when going casual, let the jacket be a statement piece by wearing it with darker colours.”

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Get tapered

“Most people don’t pay attention to their jeans, but it’s important that your jeans sit well, and most importantly, that they look good at the bottom hem. When choosing jeans stay away from wide leg or bootleg as they don’t look flattering.

“Pro tip: always buy jeans with a tapered leg or simply roll them up.”

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