Flying Fish Interview: Kid X and Moozlie

Interview: Kid X and Moozlie

Everything you wanna know!

“Se7en” stars Kid X and Moozlie give us the inside scoop

What’s the best and worst part of working with each other?

Moozlie: He’s obviously been doing this for a little bit longer than I have, so Kid X is really cool to learn from. He’s super patient, which is really nice as well. I just dig him.

Kid X: Moozlie is young, funny and we understand each other, which makes working together kinda stress-free. It’s not really work, it’s like chilling with someone that you consider a friend.

“He’s one of the very few people who is cooler than me, so it’s really awesome.”

– Moozlie

Fave line from your new track ¨Se7en¨?

Moozlie: ¨Skhanda queen reigns supreme¨!

Kid X: There are too many lines to single one out; it would be unfair. For me, every word that made it onto the song was the best possible word. There couldn’t be a better substitute. Every single line is my favourite!

What’s your dream collabo, beside each other?

Moozlie: There are so many, but I’d really love to work with Riky Rick. Even if I’m not on a track with him if he could produce some stuff for me because he’s been doing some really awesome stuff. And he just dropped an amazing album, so Riky Rick would be really cool.

Kid X: Definitely with a guy like Pro, and Proverb. Both pros! Internationally I’d love to work with a guy called Phonte.

What was it like working with K.O. as a director on the video for “Se7en”?

Moozlie: It was cool. I’ve been working with him for a long time, so I’ve shaken off that thing of “Oh my God, it’s K.O. It’s the Dust God,” so it was cool. What’s nice about him is that he’s very quick; he’s very efficient. He knows exactly what he wants.

Kid X: He has so much experience. He had the vision and he told me what was missing from past videos and what we needed to bring out for this video. For me, it was more of a learning curve for my next couple of videos.

What was your first impression of each other?

Moozlie: Ever? Ever? Like ever? I had a crush instantly. Like: brother be fine! And then he dropped all these songs like “Caracara” and he seemed like a super cool guy and then I met him and got into the family zone and it got awkward (laughs).

“First impression? I thought she was fine.

– Kid X

Do you guys WhatsApp each other? What do you talk about?

Moozlie: We totally WhatsApp all the time. We talk about what outfits we’re gonna wear for a performance or whatever, but we always talk about hip-hop, which is really cool. The last time we spoke about Cassper Nyovest filling up The Dome; do we think that it’s possible? So it’s really cool. We keep our conversations, super hip-hop culture.

Kid X: Yeah, we do. “What life are you about?” or “I’m in the stu” it’s like any day-to-day convo that you’d have with a friend.

How did you feel the first time that you heard the track?

Moozlie: Loved it. I was like: “Yeaaah!” and I loved it.

Kid X: The thing is with the song, it’s gone through so many stages. I kept it in the backburners and when I was about to release my third single, K.O. suggested “Look, why don’t you drop this song? We could put on Moozlie and get this funky pop sort of trendy cool vibe” and it made sense to me and now it’s become a kind of his-and-hers record.

“I couldn’t have asked for better.”

– Kid X

If we were to stage a rap battle between you two right now, who would win?

Moozlie: Damn, he might kill me lyrically, but I’m an epic performer. So I might stun him.

Kid X: I think I’m a gentleman, so I’d let her win.

If you two could switch lives for a day, what would you do?

Moozlie: If I was Kid X what would I do? Hook up with all the hot girls he never hooks up with! I’m just like: “Dude, these are some badass girls right now” and he’s like “Nah, I’m going home”. I would make all the female fans dreams come true!

Kid X: I don’t know, I’m pretty content with the life I’m living.

Are you more of a Drake and Riri or a Bey and Jay?

Moozlie: (Long pause) Maybe a Drake and Riri cause we’re not too consistent with loving each other.

“Our swag is pretty Drake and Riri.”

– Moozlie

Kid X: We’re just Kid X and Moozlie. I don’t think there’s been a young, trendy duo that’s been in the game that has everything covered. And we’re both Ndebele, so the vibe is cool.

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