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Fly fashion: vintage in the city

Do you speak fashion, bruh? While the entire planet is infected with Balmain fever, we thought it would be a fly time to explore the fashion options that don’t include battling it out for leftovers at H&M.

Here at Flying Fish HQ we’re all about swimming upstream and going beyond ordinary, so as much as we’re feeling Balmain, we’re also kinda feeling this:

Flying Fish Balmain

For those in the know, frugalisting isn’t just a strategy to save randelas, it’s a fashion statement that whispers: “I don’t have to spend loads of money to look like money!”

Now we know that opting for vintage threads over high street fast fashion requires a trained eye that can spot the diamonds in the rough, but fear not, we got you! We roped in Maque deGorgeous to spill the deets on Cape Town vintage shopping and DIY fashion that’s 1-2-3-easy wherever you find yourself.

Self-described “fashion lover, fashion commentator” Maque is the fashion friend you always wanted. Don’t believe us? Follow him on Twitter here and check out his blog here.


 The truth is, unless you have access to – or inherited – a beloved wardrobe from grandfolks with a propensity for hoarding quality threads, you might need to trawl city gems and think outside the proverbial box to get the covetable classic look.

Thrift stores and the like are a great start to remedy the absence of a wardrobe to raid and these are my favourite; not just for the threads but for the overall aesthetics of the store and non-thrift-shoppy odours that often render you needing an oxygen mask to basket dive.

Secondhand Rose

Flying Fish Secondhand Rose

Secondhand Rose, situated in the heart of Claremont, Cape Town (yes, hunty, Southern ‘burbs l’Kaap), is said to be the first second-hand garment store in the city – is a step into the years that were.

Flying Fish Vintage Rose

A little pricey but it’s not very difficult to see why; the store is a time-travelling journey with beautifully curated 1800s displays, original 1920s flapper dresses upon entry and fabulous mink faux-fur coats going for R4k and worth it, because… #CookieLyon!

Go for designer shoes – Ferragamo, in particular, going for around R500 and imported kimonos – and how appropriate since Japanese influences are on high rotation amongst those who influence fashionistas.

Alternatively you can cheat your way to a Kimono by using a handy tip using something you already have – now that’s proper frugalisting style:

Turn a silky bathroom robe into high street couture!

Flying Fish How to make kimono

Turn it upside down first, wrap the hem around yourself like a towel and hold it in place.

Flying Fish Kimono 2

Manoeuvre one sleeve on and slip into the other sleeve.

Neaten the look ensuring the hemline is straight and keep it in place by fastening with a belt, the obi in this case.

Flying Fish Hat

Better yet, opt for a satin number with heavy prints (like paisley) for a baroque effect reminiscent of 90s Versace.

Vintage and the City

Flying Fish Vintage and the city

Hidden at the top of Long Street, Vintage and the City is a far cry from the usual. With a clean layout, beautifully merchandised store front and rails of treasure, Vintage and the City has to be on your list.

Flying Fish Vintage cpt 2

Go for the amazing bags, and if you’re lucky, you might spot designer brands such as Dolce & Gabanna displayed on the rails. Great bags go for as little as R250 while designer brands will hit the budget for about R650. RUN!

The store gets new stock every few days due to rails clearing faster than they get repopulated.

Turn a bucket hat into a statement!

Flying Fish Hat

What you will need: a bucket hat – ideally with a structured brim – a picker, a pair of scissors, safety pins (to hold in place) and a brooch.

Flying Fish Hat

Pick off the stitching connecting the brim to the hat. Cut open the brim.

Ease it around your neck, brooch it to hold it in place and pin it onto the shirt – turning a stock standard white shirt into a once-off.

Flying Fish DIY fashion

Best part: go wild and dangle chains or beads for a Ndebele piece on a budget turning a cheap white tee into a style discussion.

Do-able? Yes. Fly? Absolutely.

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