Flying Fish Reblog This: SA Tumblr Heroes

Reblog This: SA Tumblr Heroes!

Procrastination never felt so good!

Tumbling in the RSA

Flying Fish Sa Tumblr Heroes

Dive into the vortex of Tumblr and you’re likely to lose about three hours of your life – and that’s only if you have a truck-load of self-restraint, limited data and a looming deadline.

In essence, Tumblr is where productivity goes to die, and we love it – just don’t tell the big dogs at Flying Fish HQ! *stares meaningfully into spreadsheet*

Flying Fish HQ


Image-driven, always #trending and ridiculously addictive, Tumblr is like watching all of the best channels ever AT THE SAME TIME. While every South African millennial seems to be a part-time blogger, only a select few have mastered the art of Tumblr.

So, if you’re quarter-to-over the workday and 5pm seems further away than Durban’s Commonwealth Games, drown in the glory of Tumblr – just make sure that nobody is watching.

Flying Fish Just


Here’s our fly list for South Africans dominating on Tumblr:


She’s an overachieving academic with more degrees than f*cks to give and she also happens to be a Tumblr fly girl. Predictably, Sindi-Leigh McBride’s Tumblr is a mixed masala of trippy images, poetry and politics.

Flying Fish Just Let Em Eat Cake


#EvenMoreFlavour: we’ve had this dope playlist from Sindi on repeat.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… He’s the dude behind the lens who can pull off any steez, and he also happens to have a capital “S” sick Tumblr. Ladies and gents, it’s Trevor Stuurman.

Flying Fish Stuurman Style Diary
 #EvenMoreFlavour: Trev’s behind the scenes shots straight outta Menswear Week.



You know you’re at the right party if you spot her in the crowd, and you know you’re about to get schooled in cool if you click on her Tumblr. Kitsi Sebati: part-time Tumblr legend (Oroma Elewa follows her Tumblr) and full-time fashion killa (#jealousdown).

Flying Fish Itsi Bitsi Kitsi


 #EvenMoreFlavour: Kitsi’s Soundcloud is just as fly as you’d expect it to be.



If you’re not a fan, you must be a hater, because this trio repping Soweto is straight up dope.

Flying Fish I See A Different You


#EvenMoreFlavour: this Dazed Digital feature.


 A shout out to 90s fashion with a stack of sh*t-hot selfies that’ll make you reconsider your selfie game, Bee Diamondhead’s Tumblr is the perfect serving of fashion porn.
Flying Fish Bee Diamondhead

#EvenMoreFlavour: browse Bee’s archive for Beyhive gems like this and this.

So there you have it, fam. #AddSomeFlavour to your dashboard and keep it local with these fly Tumblr heroes.

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