Flying Fish Shake the Dust

Shake the Dust

These break-dancers are straight outta Kampala!

From Cambodia to Uganda, hip-hop has got your flavour

If there was a holy book of hip-hop, it would probably decree that anything that receives Nasir Jones’s stamp of approval is supremely worthy of praise.

Flying Fish  hip-hop

Flying Fish  hip-hop

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And so it would follow that “Shake the Dust”, a documentary produced by the man himself, would be a worldwide smash. Amen!

Featuring the breakdancing skills of kids from Cambodia to Colombia and Uganda to Yemen, “Shake the Dust” is proof that rock ‘n’ roll could never hip-hop like this!

Read director Adam Sjöberg’s interview here and find out how it really feels to work with Nas (we’re guessing it feels awesome).

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