Flying Fish The new captains of cool

The new captains of cool

Flying Fish ambassadors light up Braamies!

Cool meets fly!

While here at Flying Fish headquarters we tend to focus on all things “fly” – we’re not averse to claiming the crown of cool as well.

Flying Fish Cool meets fly

In fact, it’s only natural that we would win cool kudos with our hot lineup of Flying Fish ambassadors.

Think Moozlie, Kid X, LootLove and Trevor Stuurman, not forgetting the ever-stylish, The Threaded Man – Siya Beyile.

“They are an interesting-looking bunch – which is not surprising for faces regularly on TV, radio, in print, on billboards, Twitter and Instagram – when they finally make their way into Braamfontein’s Bannister Hotel in the middle of May.”

Intrigued? Check out City Press’ latest article on our gang of ambassadors here.