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The ultimate Carla Fonseca interview

Pro tip #1: don’t try to understand Carla Fonseca’s vibe. In fact, don’t try to understand her at all.

Her Twitter bio reads: “Mozambican. South African. Actress, Director, Performance artist, Animal” and that’s about as much as we could piece together (except the “Animal” part) when we harassed her on WhatsApp one hot Saturday morning.

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Flying Fish Woman

After a few missed calls and a handful of DMs, we finally managed to steal a slice of Ms Fonseca’s time and naturally we thought we’d begin with the obvious stuff: like alien introductions and whatnot.

Flying Fish Carla

Friendly to outer-space visitors but a bit “meh” when it comes to this planet, Carla has achieved way more than you’d expect from someone ready to hop on the next spaceship outta here.

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Carla is everything but your average nine-to-fiver.

Flying Fish Carla

Maybe her magic has something to do with her mixed heritage…

Flying Fish Carla

Her enthusiasm for her second home had us Googling “cheap flights Mozambique” and she seemed like the perfect ambassador for the country when we asked her “Why do you love Mozambique?”

Flying Fish Carla the Happy

Unable to play it cool (don’t tell), we had to ask her straight up: “What’s up with the rumours about you working with Pixar?”

Yes. Pixar, people!

Flying Fish Carla

Taking about 30 minutes to activate #JealousDown we finally responded…

Flying Fish Carla Inside

And decided to add #EvenMoreFlavour to the convo with a double-punch of unexpected questions.

Flying Fish Carla

8 C

Flying Fish Carla

From daydreams to big dreams and Spoek Mathambo, we got the 411 and seriously questioned if Carla ever manages to sleep.

Flying Fish Carla

Flying Fish Carla

We said our goodbyes but not without requesting a selfie – for the fans, you know…

Flying Fish Woman

And then she was gone and we had the feeling that in a few years time she’s gonna be major famous and no one is going to believe that one Saturday morning we chatted on WhatsApp for an hour.

For more on Carla, check out her Instagram here.

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