Flying Fish The Threaded Man X Sa Fashion Week

The Threaded Man X SA Fashion Week

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know!

The Threaded Man’s SA Fashion Week adventures

Yo, fashion fiends! If you were scrolling through IG this weekend, you probably checked the fly visuals comin’ straight outta SA Fashion Week.

While you might have been at home chillin’ in the same t-shirt for 2 days straight, our favourite fashion king, The Threaded Man attended the event and decided to send us a highlights package.

Flying Fish Fashion

Add #EvenMoreFlavour! Read The Threaded Man’s SA Fashion Week diary below and let us know your favourite look in the comments.


As The Threaded Man, I get invited to a lot of events across the country but nothing excites me more than SA Fashion Week. It’s a time where I can see the progress of local designers, and interact with my followers in person while also catching up with some of my friends in the industry.

I decided to share my own personal diary of the SA Fashion Week which took place this weekend. If you didn’t go to Fashion Week, I hope this will give you more of an insider’s look into the local fashion scene.

The invites!

Flying Fish  The Invites

Nothing is more exciting than receiving invites for Fashion Week.

Here’s the 411: each ticket has a section and a seat number and media gets put in the same pool of seats because as much as this is fun for us, we are still working. This season was exciting because I invited my client and friend Nomuzi to attend some of the shows with me. Nomuzi being Nomuzi, she also got invited to host the Sunglass Hut Talent Search.

The shows!

Flying Fish The Shows

Perfecting the too-cool-to-smile pose with my girls Miss Kay and Sarah.

Flying Fish The Shows

Double trouble vs denim dungarees with Crystal and Palesa.

Flying Fish Fashion

No caption necessary.

Flying Fish Fashion

Got your fave Sarah Langa on my arm.

Fashion Week is usually crazy for me because of press and sourcing outfits from the runway for various clients. This season was even crazier as I was styling Nomuzi and she had 3 outfit changes between the shows. The craziest outfit I put her in was a coat designed by Cult – it was very over the top, but what is Fashion Week without the drama?

After Fashion Week

Flying Fish Fashion Men

One for the grandkids, you know!

Flying Fish Fashion

The devil is in the details.

Flying Fish Fashion Men

Suited up. Specs on. Ready for anything.

After Fashion Week ended, it was time for the GQ Style Awards which took place at Summer Place in Hyde Park.

Here’s the 411: the GQ Style Awards are like the Olympics for stylish men and this year wasn’t any different. I wore a suit custom made by AM Bespoke. It was an honour to be put on the list for a second time, but I was more proud to see my peers such as Trevor Stuurman and The Sartist make the top 10.

So gents, this was my Fashion Week in a nutshell. Follow me on Twitter @TheThreadedMan and on IG @TheThreadedMan.

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