Flying Fish There´s song for that

There’s a song for that!

Your essential playlist for surviving life.

7 tracks that will get you through anything! 

Shame, guys. Sometimes we realise that not everyone is #blessed enough to live the dream and work their magic on the daily.

At Flying Fish HQ, we take our top shayela life for granted, meanwhile there are peeps out there straight up struggling to make it to 17h01 every damn day. And that’s not even mentioning hotline bling stress.

Flying Fish Hotlinebling

You don’t ever have to feel alone though, because the genius who invented the whole music thing made sure that musicians make songs that are universal while feeling impossibly personal.

Here are 7 songs that know exactly how your life crisis feels but first, cue Michael Jackson’s ultimate: “You Are Not Alone”.

Nkaiketsang – Thembi Seete

We’re calling it! Here Thembi Seete gave us a national treasure.

The line, “I don’t know what can I do with myself” captures a lot of feelings.


Like, when you’re feeling the boredom set in, or when you’re excited beyond words (you’ve just won the lottery/beat your high score in FIFA).

Or maybe, just when you realise that a public holiday will roll over to the Monday – can you even deal? We think not.

Say What’s Real – Drake

It was really hard choosing only ONE Drake song because Drake can get you through everything.


Drake is on your side and Drake wants you to win.

When you feel like you’re surrounded by nothing but knock-off people, and/or you’re mourning your lost phone/bae this is the song for you.

Grown Woman – Beyonce

This song is perfect for making bad decisions. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


If you’ve had your limit of Chilled Green Apple and you’re feeling like you should phone someone (an ex, a crush, the bae of your dreams) let Beysus guide you.

Say it with us, “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.”

Son of a Gun – K.O

On “Son of a Gun,” Mr Cashtime is the best motivational speaker since Kanye West.

This song is purely for those days when you really need a confidence boost, or maybe you’re already really feeling great about yourself.


Let them all know about the doti you bring.

Better Have my Money – Rihanna

It seems like nobody likes paying the people they owe and it can get awks for the owed to repeatedly ask for what’s due to them… Nah mean?


Enter the Bajan Goddess, Rihanna, and her reparations anthem.

It’s simple enough: “better have my money, pay me what you owe me.” Not only does Rih know how we feel, she has also given us a way to voice those feelings.

Endurance – Reason FT. HHP and Nova

Let’s get really real for a second: Reason’s “Endurance” is all about getting you up in the morning, and keeping you going until that brighter day Pac promised comes.


Also, S/O Mary Swagdeline.

Slyza Tsotsi – Major League DJz

One word: BALEKA.

Who hasn’t gotten themselves in a situation that called for a young slyza-ing?


It happens to the best of us. Major League DJz (with a major assist from Okmalumkoolkat, Riky Rick and Cassper Nyovest) have not only given us an anthem to run to, but a way to run. Deep, bruh.

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