Top 5 Durban hotspots

Damn, when did Durbs get so cool?

Durban 2.0: a city reimagined!

It’s a fact, people: Durban is the city that unites South Africans. For a sleepy city dotted with palm trees and a climate that demands minimal clothing, this might seem like quite a feat, but it’s true.

Almost everyone who lives in this fair country has visited this humid hotbed of beaches and not much else at least once. In fact, it’s probably a scientific fact that almost everyone has taken at least one selfie at uShaka Marine World and almost the entire population has braved the crowds at Umhlanga for a day in the sun that defies the very idea of winter.

But here’s the thing: Durban has changed. Like your free-spirited younger brother who has abandoned his hippie phase to emerge a cooler-than-cool hipster, Durban deserves another look.

Take a peek at these top 5 Durban spots and get to know the new Durban.

  1. Rivertown Precinct

From the peeps who played real-life Monopoly with Joburg and created Maboneng, comes this fresh development just a block away from Durban’s upgraded beachfront.

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Top spot: the historic Rivertown Beerhall with its line-up of fly events ranging from comedy gigs to live music.

Did you know? Reopened a century after it was first built, the Rivertown Beerhall gives visitors a sip of the good stuff and a slice of history!

  1. The Morning Trade Market

Meet The Biscuit Mill’s Durbanite cousin…

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Open from 08h00 – 13h00 every Sunday, The Morning Trade is your hook-up for farm fresh treats and ample people-watching opportunities.

Top stall: Falaffel Fundi – just say “YES!”

  1. Taco Zulu

Guys, sometimes the best things in life just don’t make sense.

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Like, for example, it’s a little-known fact that Taco Zulu a Mexican/Italian joint in Florida Road is one of the best places in Durban for next-level sushi.

Not a fan of sushi? Their tacos and Godzilla-sized pizzas are sure to hit the spot.

Got a craving that only a juicy burger will satisfy? Head straight to Dropkick Murphy’s also located on the Florida Road strip.

4. Nev The Barber

Not your average barbershop, Nev The Barber is all about “kiff cuts” and “laka vibes”.

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Gents, there’s only one place in Durbs to get a clean shave and a cut while munching on a sandwich from the neighbouring Corner Café, Nev The Barber is your one-stop man cave meets barbershop.

The early bird gets the freshest cut! Open at 6.30am, you have no excuse not to look your best at breakfast.

  1. Umhlanga Pier

New Durban, old Durban – whatever – this is great Durban. Voted the most beautiful pier in the world by CNN, the Umhlanga Pier is pure visual candy.

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Instagram heaven, the Umhlanga Pier is best enjoyed at sunrise and sunset, repeated often.

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