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Top 5 Jozi all-day breakfast fixes

Bookmark this list for hunger emergencies!

Top 5 hangouts for all-day breakfast in Jozi

If you’re a Jozi native with a love for all things tasty, then you’ve probably already spotted Jozi Foodie Fix aka Thando Moleketi.

With a flat white cappuccino in hand, she’s always on the scene reviewing the trendiest restaurants in the city for her foodie blog – Jozi Foodie Fix.

After a hectic night out, we realised that there’s nothing better than a classic breakfast to forget about a hangover from hell.

However, much to our horror, we learned the hard way that most restaurants stop serving breakfast at the wholly inappropriate hour of eleven o’clock and so we turned to our favourite foodie, Jozi Foodie Fix for the all-day breakfast hook-up.

In her wise words: “If you’re in Jozi and you wake up feeling like an auburn autumn leaf hanging on for dear life, I have the cure! Well, actually, I can put you on to a few cures.”

Go forth and enjoy these breakfasts at any hour, you rebel!


Flying Fish Food

A Jozi institution that is fast becoming a national treasure, and also happens to be my favourite all-day eatery.

Each Tashas has its own unique theme (look up at the ceiling) and a themed menu in addition to their classic menu.

The Tashas that I frequent most (Atholl) features the quintessential morning-after breakfast on it’s themed menu, with the right combination of umami, good grease and saltiness to soak up all the remorse.

Address: shop 16, Atholl Square shopping centre, corner of Katherine Street and Wierda Road East, Sandton.

Rating: 4.5/5

For presentation, comfort and consistently hitting the spot, but the coffee ain’t great.

Best meal: Country Fry Up, which includes a fried egg, crispy bacon, black mushrooms, roast tomatoes and grilled halloumi served in a pan.


Flying Fish Wimpy

It’s a South African institution with that distinct just-boiled milk smell that so many of us associate with real good coffee, and in this context it also happens to be a lifesaver found across the country.

Not only for the day after the night before, but for rushed breakfasts before work, or stretching tired legs for a brunch stop along the long drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Address: Empire Service Station, Empire Road, Parktown, Johannesburg – why this one? Because it is 24/7!

Rating: 3.5/5

For the convenience and price point, but sometimes my egg isn’t made exactly to my order and liking.

Best meal: toasted bacon and egg with cheese, served with the classic medium-cut chips.

P.S. If you’re HANGRY the South African Sunrise breakfast of eggs, streaky bacon, mini boerewors and baked beans. Of course, always washed down with their famous milky coffee or a crème soda because it is the morning after, after all!

Croft & Co.

Flying Fish Croft & Co.

For their consistently creamy scrambled egg breakfast and a stellar cortado.

Croft & Co. only serves scrambled egg breakfasts, but why do anything else when you’ve perfected the scramble – seriously, the best in Jozi!

Address: 66 Tyrone Ave, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

Rating: 4.5/5

Because it’s only scrambled eggs, but the coffee is phenom!

Best meal: either the bacon and creamy scrambled eggs with mushrooms (pictured) or the salmon, creamy scrambled eggs on a baguette served with roast cherry tomatoes and salmon trout.

P.S. Their cortado and a green juice will put a spring back into your step.

Chicken Licken

Flying Fish Chicken Licken

Because really this is the breakfast that we all want the morning after the night before.

Honestly, their menu features the most consistent breakfast item – TOAST. The best-kept secret ever is that Chicken Licken serves the best toast, think slices of white bread buttered on both sides and toasted.

Address: The Zone, Cradock Ave, Johannesburg

Rating: 5/5

It’s life-saving toast!

Best meal: hotwings meal 8 with toast, soul fries, coleslaw and a can of coke. I recommend swapping the coke for a stoney – thank me later!

Post BL (Breakfast Lunch)

Flying Fish Post BL Breakfast Lunch

Nothing quite like ordering at a counter of a moody, bearded hipster-owned joint to lift you out of the LC (loser complex).

Seriously, one of the best breakfast spots in Braamfontein. I have eaten the breadth of their seasonal menu because it’s no-fuss good food and breakfast is served all day with a mild flat white just the way I like it!

P.S. They do lunch too!

Address: 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein

Rating: 4.5/5

For the price point, hipster cool, seasonal fare and exceptional lemonade – the syrup is homemade by one of the hipster’s mother.

Best meal: croque monsieur, a perfect French toastie of ham, melted smoked cheddar cheese with lashings of mustard on slices of ciabatta and a glass of ice-cold tart lemonade for balance and control.

P.S. Want a bigger slice of Braamies? Read our awesome guide to Braamies foodie spots here.

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