Flying Fish Top 7 Foodies on Instagram

Top 7 Foodies on Instagram

Get ready to lick your screen!

Instagrammers that will make you hungry

Tired of your friends’ endless stream of badly-filtered selfies? #SorryNotSorry

Quarter-to-over seeing blurry pics of lunch with the overly-optimistic hashtag #YUM? Forget that! As Plato once said: “life is too short to follow lame Igers”.

Instead, follow us as we explore the Gram’s tastiest foodie accounts and double-tap your way to a slice of heaven.

1. Spoon Fork Bacon

HANGRY rating: 4/5

Don’t peek this account if you forgot your lunch at home.

HANGRY followers: 139k

You can tell that the bio – “Food stylist + photographer” – ain’t no lie when you scroll down this delicious and well-lit account. Particularly good at capturing the greatness of burgers, this account is the definition of sophisticated food porn.

If we had 3D printing: we’d press “print” on this ridiculous garlic and peppercorn burger with fennel slaw.

2.  Jozi Foodie Fix


HANGRY rating: 4/5  
Short of top marks only because sometimes there are pictures of people. Pretty people, mind you, but not edible ones.  
HANGRY followers: 1444 and counting!  
The queen of the Jozi foodie scene, Jozi Foodie Fix’s local pics mean that you have digital evidence that someone in SA is eating their best life – and it isn’t you. Inducing a mixture of hunger and serious FOMO, Jozi Foodie Fix is about to serve you a major plate of internet-envy.  
If we had 3D printing: we’d be all about this croquet-monsieur from Post in Braamies – click here for the full story.

    3. Action Bronson

HANGRY rating: 5/5

Everything that you’d expect from a larger-than-life rapper with a love for all things delicious.

HANGRY followers: 570k

It’s Bronsolino, baby! Rapper and host of “F*ck, That’s Delicious” predictably has an IG feed that celebrates fine food, fresh sneakers and global foodie destinations. Think Morocco, new Nikes and culinary excellence.

If we had 3D printing: we’d smash this cinnamon roll that screams “EAT ME!”

4. Ben Orkin

HANGRY rating: 4/5  
Don’t follow this account if you’re part of the “summer bodies are made in winter” tribe.  
HANGRY followers: 5762 and counting!  
While most 17-year-olds are surviving on a binary diet of takeout and toasted cheese, Ben Orkin is dominating in the kitchen and capturing his victories on his super-popular IG account. With a special talent for capturing the best angle, his account is like the supermodel of the foodie world.  
If we had 3D printing: we wouldn’t hesitate to print this grand tribute to carbs and sugar because it is official: bigger is better, and this almond and white chocolate layer cake is proof.

  5. The Counter

HANGRY rating: 5/5
Brownies, burgers AND fudge. Urban legend has it that if you stare at this account for too long, you’ll get fat.
HANGRY followers: 1767 and counting!
The danger/greatness of this account is that if you live in Jozi, you can actually taste The Counter’s amazing creations instead of licking your screen when no one is looking. Check out where you can find them here.

If we had 3D printing: we’d happily get food-drunk on their famous gooey brownies.

6. Chef Nti 

HUNGRY rating: 5/5

Winning over the hearts and bellies of the entire Flying Fish team, Chef Nti even prepared a top marks meal for us. Check it out here.

HUNGRY followers: 24.4k

There are no two ways about it, Chef Nti is the total package. Fusing her passion for fashion and food, it’s simple: her IG feed is either going to make you feel like shopping or eating.

If we had 3D printing: we wouldn’t think twice about inhaling this.

7. Yulu Ishii

HUNGRY rating: 4/5

Let’s put it this way, if we had to use lyrics to describe this IG feed we would say in the words of John Legend: “All of me loves all of you.”

HUNGRY followers: 771 and counting!

With an IG feed that is as intriguing as her name, Yulu Ishii is a Jozi-based private chef and pop-up restaurant owner specialising in all things delicious.

If we had 3D printing: we’d devour these boerewors rolls like it was a matter of national importance.

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