Flying Fish Chilled Green Apple Style


Chop it, fade it, tie it!

Is your crowning glory on-trend?

Jozi, are you ready? The Flying Fish Bus Stop Barber is coming to Jozi to add #EvenMoreFlavour! Celebrating the launch of Chilled Green Apple, we’re gearing up for a cutting-edge event on 26 August.

Featuring Roger Goode and DJ Switch, this pop-up barber shop promises to bring your mane game to the next level, for real.

To get amped for this, ahem, hair-raising event, we’ve compiled the top 3 hairstyle trends for guys.

FYI: follow @FlyingFishSA on Twitter for event updates and find us near Wits using the map below.

Flying Fish Men

  1. The Undercut
    Flying Fish Men

If it’s good enough for Brad Pitt and most of Hollywood’s A-list dudes, then it’s good enough for your head. C’mon, even Scarlett Johansson sported an undercut at this year’s Oscars.

Plus, if social media comments are anything to go by, J’Something swiftly climbed from a solid 7 on the hotness scale to an impressive 9 outta 10 when he embraced the undercut.

P.S. If you’re keen to get an undercut, remember: think Brad Pitt and not Kim Jong-un (seriously).

  1. The Fade
    Flying Fish Men

Just like the name suggests, the fade is defined by the gradual shortening of the hair towards the neck.

Highly versatile, the fade can be interpreted in many ways – from the high-top fade of Big Daddy Kane to the severe fade sported by the above model with the Blue Steel.

Think of it this way: if the mullet’s claim to fame is “business on the front, party on the back” then the fade’s is definitely “business on the bottom, party on the top”.

P.S. Do not touch Drake’s hair. Ever. Really. Recently, a brave and foolish man tried to get up close and personal with Drake’s ‘do in a Dubai nightclub and Drake unleashed the might of his security goons.

  1. The Man Bun
    Flying Fish Men

The man bun aka the top-knot aka the most polarising hairstyle of 2015. In fact, one website went as far to say that “the top-knot is the worst male fashion trend in all of human history”.

Love it or hate it, the truth is that this hairstyle ain’t for everybody. Trust us on this one, bruh.

Falling squarely into the category of “things you think make you look cool but really don’t” the man bun should be adopted with extreme caution unless you’re Joshua Kissi – then you can do anything.

Guys, tweet us: which local celeb has the best hairstyle?

Don’t miss out, follow the flavour from 14h00 – 18h00 on Wednesday! But don’t stop there, add #EvenMoreFlavour with an ice-cold Chilled Green Apple



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