Turn up! Top 5 Jozi Hotspots

Tick off this list for a hot night out, tonight!

Insider’s guide to Jozi nightlife

It may seem unlikely that a self-described “30 Seconds champion” would be our go-to girl for all things after-hours, but Lesego Tlhabi, a content producer for V-Entertainment, is quick to add: “If I died today my obituary would read: survived by no children and a twerk legacy.”

A multi-dimensional talent with three years of Theatre studies completed in London, Lesego has also ticked off a stint in NYC and Cape Town. In her own words: “I love going out although I’m getting to that awkward oldest-girl-in-the-club age.” With that kind of seasoned partying experience, we asked her to give us the scoop on Jozi’s hottest after-hours hangouts.

Over to you, Lesego!

Due to my arduous training in the art of the twerk, I have become somewhat of an expert in what makes a venue a “top spot”. As my Uncle Ben once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” And it is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

Side note: I hope the owners of one of these establishments make me an honorary ambassador.

  1. Great Dane


Also known as the Godfather of Braam (by me alone really), this De Beer Street gem – along with Kitchener’s – pretty much kicked off the rejuvenation and gentrification of the Braamfontein party scene.

Address: 5 De Beer Street, Braamfontein

Best night: Thursday

Twerk rating: 5/5

The music is insanely good and they allow you to flourish on the couches so everyone can witness the thickness.

Last word: get there around 21h00 to avoid the long queue! Or you will wait while a medley of hot tunes taunt you.

  1. Island Bar, Southern Sun Hyde Park


This is the perfect place for the Sandton set to unwind after a long day at the office. Mostly a bar and sundowners spot, it is the place to get in the mood on Friday nights when the DJs play the hottest house tunes as the sun sets, and the moon illuminates the deck.

Address: 1st Road, Hyde Park (Can also be accessed via Hyde Park Mall)

Best night: Friday

Twerk rating: 2/5

Twerking is kept to a minimum because house isn’t a genre that caters for that type of movement.

Last word: the view of Sandton offers a backdrop that reminds you that you won’t have to see work or your annoying co-workers for the next 48 hours.

  1. Taboo – Twerk City (again, my own name)


This joint offers the best in ratchet hip-hop for you to appreciate with the booty bounce. There are cage dancers and every bottle bought by patrons is accompanied by scantily-clad dancers with sparklers – I think it’s so the gold diggers can know where to focus.

Address: 24 Central, Fredman Drive, Sandton

Best night: Saturday

Twerk rating: 5/5

Stick to the hip-hop floor to unleash the twerking beast inside you.

Last word: there are two floors so you can get your house and hip-hop fix all night.

  1. Living Room


I clearly live by the “twerk long and prosper” adage, however, I do know subdued partying and Living Room is the best of its kind. Situated in arty Maboneng, this joint offers an amazing bar vibe with panoramic downtown views.

Address: 20 Kruger Street, Maboneng

Best night: Sunday

Twerk rating: 2/5

This place calls more for the chilled party animal.

Last word: they have artisan cocktails including ingredients that they grow themselves which are yummy. Music is eclectic – expect anything with a more chilled sound.

  1. Poolside


Also within the Maboneng block, it caters to all kinds of music lovers as each event offers something different. Poolside, like Living Room, is appealing in that it jumps off from the afternoon and you can spend the whole day and night turning up next to a pool.

Address: 281 Commissioner Street, Maboneng

Best night: Friday

Twerk rating: 3/5

Lots of thigh strength required for twerking in water.

Last word: but don’t be that guy who gets into the water in winter *side eyes*.

Catch her twerking all over a dance floor near you or stalk Lesego here:

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