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Fly ways to fall in love

Make V-Day the best day!

Don’t fall for it, just don’t. Valentine’s plans don’t have to be confined to candlelit dinner at an overpriced restaurant. Forget that basic move. Step out of the ordinary, c’mon #AddSomeFlavour!

Now we’re not suggesting that you skip the Valentine’s vibes – do that at your own peril if you’re coupled up. Instead, we suggest that you upgrade your Valentine’s Day with #EvenMoreFlavour with our complete guide to Valentine’s plans that don’t suck.

  1. Sweat it out!

No, it’s not what you’re thinking … Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, why not get to the celebrations early, real early! Set your alarm, grab your bae and take a hike. If you plan it right, you’ll catch a sunrise and your lover’s heart.

Dress code: sports luxe meets Bear Grylls.

Flying Fish Sportsluxe Bear

If you’re in JHB, check out this hiking trail.

If you wanna go O.T.T. explore South Africa’s 15 Most Beautiful Hiking Trails.


+ It’s cheap – but remember to pack cash, most hiking spots don’t do cards.

+ It ticks the “unique Valentine’s Day” box and bae is sure to be impressed.

+ Have you seen this fine country? It’s damn beautiful!


+ Some planning is required – hiking in the burbs isn’t a thing.

+ Waking up early enough can be a mission if you go too hard on Saturday night.

+ Physical exertion and general feelings of wellbeing might be confusing if you’re the “Netflix and chill” type.

  1. Cook like you’re never gonna eat again

Here’s the thing about adulting: opportunities to eat delicious home-cooked meals are few and far between. Microwave popcorn and toasted cheese sandwiches don’t count, bro. This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day by cooking a meal to remember with your number one. Couples who cook together, stay together.

The only rule is: don’t think small. We’re talking real deal, three-course meal vibes with some Flying Fish, of course.

Flying Fish  Food

Fly idea: you’ve gotta try these chocolate-covered ice cream bites or this no-bake chocolate cookie cheesecake.


+ Who doesn’t love some good eating?

+ You’ve seen the movie scenes where the couples cook together – it’s fun, right?

+ Skipping the restaurants means skipping the awkward feels if you haven’t been dating long.


+ Planning is required. Bae-worthy meals don’t usually include that old packet of two-minute noodles in the back of your cupboard.

+ If you can’t cook at all, this might be kinda stressful.

  1. Book out the cinema

When was the last time you watched the 10.45pm screening at the movies? Exactly. Take a chance on the late show and if you’re lucky you and your fave could be watching a movie like it’s your own private cinema.

Fly advice: book online here or here.

Flying Fish Cinema


+ Ten points for originality, right?

+ If you’re not a big talker, this plan is the one.

+ It’s a little-known fact that popcorn and Slush Puppies taste better after 10.


+ There might be that one creepy guy sitting in the back.

  1. Get high

If your love makes you feel like you’re floating in the clouds, then return the favour. Take your special someone on a trip to the top. If you’re in JHB, the Top of Africa is your best bet. Break records, not hearts. Take the elevator up the 50-storey Carlton Centre building and witness the view from the highest building in Africa. We can’t think of a better backdrop for a V-Day selfie.

Fly advice: don’t be late! On Valentine’s Day, the lift only operates from 9am – 2pm.

If you’re in Durbs, check out Moses Mabhida Stadium

If you’re in the Mother City, there’s always Table Mountain.

Flying Fish Get high


+ Original af

+ All you gotta do is whisper “You make me feel on top of the world” at the top and you’ve won Valentine’s Day.


+ If you’re scared of heights, this ain’t your move.

+ You’ve got to have a killer plan for afterwards or else it’ll feel like a major drop, literally.

  1. Start early, real early

So, here’s the thing: Valentine’s Day technically starts as soon as the clock strikes 12 on Saturday night. Don’t waste a minute to start celebrating your fly love, plan a midnight adventure and make the most of the day.

Fly idea: hit the club like you’re Diddy and Jenny from the block circa 99. Suit up, draw a bunch of randelas and get ready to pop champagne.

Flying Fish Diddy and Jenny


+ When it comes to clubs, everything good happens after midnight.

+ Dancing and champagne, what’s not to love?

+ When you look good, you feel good, add some champagne and you’ve got the #BestValentinesEver.


+ Hitting the club means your wallet takes a hit.

+ If the music ain’t right, the vibe ain’t either.

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