What you missed: Neon Run Jozi

Everything you missed out on!

Celeb Spotting: Neon Run Jozi

If you weren’t at the Neon Run in Jozi then eish son, you missed out.

Case and point – this photo of Celeste Khumalo.

Damn, Celeste, we love your interpretation of running gear.

Or how about this stunner of The Threaded Man and Miss Loot Love.

And Loot Love and, uhhh, this guy.

P.S. King Loot (as she calls herself) has mastered that pose, right?!

While y’all braved the cold and ran like you stole something, the celebs chilled in our Flavourfontein Lounge.

But don’t feel too bad, Roger Goode was there to heat things up.

And then Mi Casa rocked the stage and all of a sudden you forgot that it was quarter-to-winter and that you’re wearing your running takkies.

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