Flying Fish What’s fly: August Edition

What’s fly: August Edition

It was a great month, here’s proof!

The best of August

It feels like just yesterday was the beginning of June and now just like that, it’s September and we’re on a downhill until December.

94 days, oh yeah! Serious question: HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Flying Fish Woman

And more importantly, what the hell actually happened? I mean, if you’re in Jozi, it’s already summer – uh, guys, what exactly happened to spring? *cracks open a Chilled Green Apple*

So, if August was a bit of a blur, here are the flavoursome highlights that made August great.

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Flying Fish What´s Fly August Edition


Straight Outta Compton

Flying Fish Straight Outta Compton


The iconic solo album “Straight Outta Compton” debuted in 1988 and now 27 years later, the film inspired by West Coast rap legends, N.W.A. is breaking box office records in the U.S. and earning an impressive 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Described as “one of the summer’s most entertaining and provocative movies” – sadly, it is only expected to reach our shores in October.

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In the meantime, rep your city with and listen to Dre’s new album, which features the writing skills of South African Candice Pillay.

Tell us @FlyingFishSA: have you listened to the album? What would you score it outta 10?

Hipsters in Ghana

While most of us had a serious case of the is-it-payday-yet-blues, this past weekend about 10 000 lucky festival-goers enjoyed a celebration of African creative cool in the historic port city of Jamestown, Accra. For its fifth incarnation, Chale Wote, West Africa’s largest independent public arts festival transformed the streets of Jamestown into a technicolour explosion of street art from the continent and beyond.

Sleepless in Soweto babes, Twiggy and Sedi were there inspiring the kind of FOMO that forces you to rethink all of your life decisions.

If the trippy photos are anything to go by, we’re already booking our tickets for next year.

Check this out: South African artist Nolan Oswald Dennis designed the festival’s futuristic poster.

Flying Fish Chale Wote


South Africans are very Vogue
Soweto’s Thesis Lifestyle is known amongst Jozi cats for its dope apparel and hot-ticket events, now the streetwear brand has impressed the head honchos at Vogue Italy and earned a coveted shout out on the website.

Flying Fish Vogue Italia


Flying Fish Rihanna

 While bucket hats have been having a bit of a moment globally, here in SA we’ve been rocking this trend since forever! #JustSaying

Tony Gum IS the coolest girl in Cape Town

It’s settled: Tony Gum is probably cooler than you’ll ever be.

Local fashion fans have been following her blog since she was a high school student, but it was her perfectly curated Instagram feed that caught the attention of writer Marjon Carlos and with good reason.

Featuring pictures that look like they could be from an underground Japanese fashion magazine, Tony Gum’s Instagram feed, much like her style, is beyond cool.

Plus, when is repping you before you’ve even reached your 21st birthday, that’s gotta mean something!

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In other fashion news: The Sartists revealed the lookbook for their creative collabo with Adidas Originals.

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Drake + Meek + Serena

When Drizzy isn’t beefing with Nicki’s bae, he’s falling in love all over again.

Flying Fish Drake


Drake and Serena dated back in 2011, but they’re reunited and #Serake hasn’t stopped trending.

Perhaps united by their love of money and beating their opponents (sorry Meek), the lovers have been involved in some serious P.D.A. lately. Word on the street is that Drake even penned a verse inspired by Serena. Take a look and decide for yourself:

“You got your trophies I know how you like to show ‘em off and shine ‘em and line ‘em up”