Flying Fish What´s Fly ? Brazilian Volleyball Tournaments


What’s FLY? Brazilian Volleyball Tournaments

Brazilian volleyball > EVERYTHING

FLY December events in YOUR city! 

What a time to be alive! It’s five-to December and we’ve got something FLY lined up to amplify the festive feeling. Now, we’ve tried to keep these events on the D.L. but we can’t contain our excitement anymore.

Here’s the deal: one of your dreams are about to come true. Y’know, the dream involving you, a team of babes and a bunch of Brazilians on a beach… Yeah, that one.

For the month of December, we’ve lined up 3 banging Brazilian Beach Volleyball Flavourfests at 3 of Mzansi’s hottest beaches.

Flying Fish Brazil Woman


PE – Mc Arthur Baths, 16 December

DBN – Beach Bums, 18 December

CPT – Camps Bay Beach and Camps Bay Sports Ground, 20 December.

In true Flying Fish steez, we’ve invited a few Brazilian volleyball legends to join the action. Rated the #1 volleyball team in the world, the Brazilian players will be #AddingMoreFlavour to each match as YOU take them on to battle it out for the number 1 spot!

Portrait of a cheerful group of multi ethnic friends enjoying together against sky

FLY FY Brazilian players: Harley Marques Silva, Benjamin Insfran, Fabiola Lima Constâncio and Natasha Valente Bastos.

But because we’re the kings of #EvenMoreFlavour we didn’t stop there. We’ve also hooked up a lit Volleypong tournament with a grand prize of R20K. Think your average Beer Pong game with a flavoursome twist and you’ve got the idea.

Flying Fish GIant Volleypong

FLY FYI Start practising, here are the deets:

  1. Like Beer Pong, except the beer part will be replaced with a sand bucket target and the pong will be the volleyball.
  2. Stand on one side of the court and hit the ball over the net to land in the target.
  3. To #AddSomeFlavour, recruit your friends or even the Brazilian volleyball players.
  4. The 1st team to strike it lucky with three balls in the bin (consecutively) win the grand prize of R20K!

So let’s recap: yes, bruh R20 000. And Brazilians. And Volleyball. And Volleypong. And Flying Fish. And did we mention, Roger Goode?

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