Flying Fish What´s Fly: January EDITION


2016 is off to a fly start!

The best of January

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the end of the most treacherous test of any year: January. After a long month of low fund alerts and “Can’t come, I’m broke” texts, you’re nearly on the other side. But before we welcome February, the month of love, let’s salute the highlights of 2016 so far.

No more parties in LA

Flying Fish Swish

Please baby, no more parties in LA.

Ye is back and he’s got the king K. Dot with him. A throwback to his former sound, Yeezy’s fresh track from his soon to be launched Waves album features a Madlib beat and some serious feel-good vibes.

Kanye said: “This album’s just embracing the music, embracing joy, and being of service to the people. I just hope that people like it and enjoy it, you know? That’s it.”

Yeah, Kanye – you tell ‘em!


Uh, how about you just focus on the album…

Flying Fish Kanye Weest

Speaking about no more parties, what’s your take onMos Def’s #NoMorePartiesinSA? Tell us on Twitter @FlyingFishSA.

New year, new food!

#AddSomeFlavour, tempt your taste buds and try something new. If you’re in the 011, you’ve gotta try Bronto’s in Linden. A Cape Town import, Bronto’s specialises in ribs, smash burgers, wood-fired pizza and ridiculously good milkshakes. Basically, this is your new Friday takeout spot.

Flying Fish Brontos

Fly advice: cancel any bad vibes and indulge. Their vanilla milkshake is the business.

If you’re in PTA, try something healthy and delicious. Try the new kid on the block, La Coco C. Think fresh juices and salads that aren’t bleh. However, the real MVP is their French toast – don’t say we didn’t warn y’all.

Flying Fish Food

DIY French toast? We’ve got the drool-worthy inspiration here.

Durbs, we’ve got you. Explore this list of the best restaurants in your hood.

When only the best will do, think green. If you’re in Cape Town, you’ve got a chance to eat at one of the world’s best restaurants. Sure, technically it’s one of the world’s best vegan and vegetarian restaurants, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it as soon as you’re hungry. Plant earned the 12th spot on the American Express Essentials list and that’s reason enough to cancel your beef with veggies.

Flying Fish Plant

January also brought news of the impending arrival of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robins. No dates have been confirmed, but in the meantime, prepare your taste buds by visiting the new Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream in Rosebank.

Flying Fish Pauls

Hungry for more foodie flavour? Check Jozi Foodie Fix’s top all-day breakfast spots in Jozi here or follow the flavour here with our top seven foodies on Instagram.

Netflix and chill in SA

Netflix finally launched in SA and we’ve been avoiding responsibilities and watching endless hours of series ever since.

Fly recommends: Narcos, Top Boy, Peaky Blinders, BoJack Horseman and Master of None.

Flying Fish Netflix SA

Got 2 minutes? Check out the trailer for BoJack Horseman here.

If you like to keep it classic and head to the movies instead, check out the new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice here.

We got the crystal ball

Here at Flying Fish HQ, we gathered some of our favourite peeps and asked them “What’s gonna be fly in 2016?” From new music to fresh fashion, this is what they had to say.

Flying Fish Jan NY predictions

Guess who’s rocking Guess?

Talk about dominating! A$AP Rocky and Naomi Campbell have teamed up for the ad campaign for A$AP’s new collabo with Guess Originals.

Rocky had this to say: “I just thought about my nostalgic childhood, with hip-hop and growing up in Harlem and the Bronx, and remembering Guess played a big part in that. But kids these days have no knowledge of that. I just felt like it was necessary to tell them that Guess was actually lit back in the day.”

Flying Fish People

Check out the vid here.

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