Flying Fish  What´s Fly: September Edition

What’s Fly: September Edition

The good, the bad and the downright ridiculous!

The best of September 

It’s official! We’re on the verge of greatness because we’re on the verge of October. “What’s so fly about October?” we hear you say.

Well, besides being one step closer to ke Dezemba boss, it’s also the beginning of summer, which means longer days, short tees and (extra chilled) Chilled Green Apple, of course.

Flying Fish Party September

So before we buckle up for October, let’s take a trip through September and point and wave at the moments that made this month fly.

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Flying Fish What´s Fly September Edition


H&M is here (almost)! 

If you’re into the fashion game, you’ll know that there have been many whispers about H&M’s arrival for damn years.

You’ll also know that the whispers turned into excited howls a few months back when it was confirmed that the Swedish Mr Price (no shade) was launching in our fair land. We sure do love globalisation!

Now with only a few days until the Cape Town store opens, we’re ready for a countrywide steez upgrade and hope that everyone is onboard.


Psst! The Joburg store will be open on 7 November at 11 in the morning and it will be stocked with the new Balmain range – sh*t just got real!

Thumbs down for Facebook

Ever since that one girl that you went to primary school with posted a #fakedeep quote with the attribution “Budda” you’ve been itching for a way to swiftly express your haterade.

Flying Fish Like

Well, good news! Facebook recently announced that they’re testing a “dislike” button for moments when sh*t is not cool.

Now, Mr Facebook, Mark Z. didn’t exactly put it this way, instead he said “Not every moment is a good moment.” Either way, we think it’s about time!

Rihanna on your feet, but not on your tracklist…

Her navy desperately wants a new album, but Rihanna is giving ’em shoes instead.

Flying Fish People


Flying Fish Rihanna Eu

So hungry for anything that the Barbados babe touches, her fans (a.k.a. the entire planet) have ensured that Rihanna’s Puma creepers are already sold out with a few exceptions…

Flying Fish Shoes


Psst! Word in the Twittersphere is that the Puma store in Braam still has stock, so best you get a steppin’ if you wanna have Rihanna on your feet.

Hello, Murica!

We’re going to share a horror story but we know that you’re not easily spooked, so here it goes:

Once upon a time in this beautiful country, there was not even a damn Mc Donald’s *cue crying noises* and when you wanted a taste of America’s greatest export – fast food – you had only a mere handful of options… The End! 

Fast-forward to this month and we’ve noticed a tasty batch of American-inspired not-so-fast-food diners have popped up and we’re ready to tuck in.

First on our list is Junior in Cape Town. From the heroes that brought us Royale and El Burro, we welcome this new spot in Tamboerskloof.

Flying Fish Food


Next up we’re smashing some chicken and waffles at Mr Big Stuff in Jozi. BECAUSE CHICKEN AND WAFFLES.

Flying Fish Student


Last on our list is The Diner a.k.a. the only reason to go to Krugersdorp. Famed for its R99 rib special on Mondays, we’re ready to pop the button on our skinny jeans.

Flying Fish Food


Tell us, yo: where’s your favourite spot to grab a burger? Tweet us @FlyingFishSA!

Yoh! Trevor Noah is a BIG deal

If we didn’t already feel inadequate in the achievements department, now we have a daily reminder of how far we have to go.

While Trev cracks jokes with Kevin Hart on The Daily Show and takes selfies with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in his spare time, we’re stuck in the 9-to-5 grind with only 9 likes on our selfies…

Flying Fish  People


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