Flying Fish Which Cut Is The Flyest? Tell Us And Win

Which cut is the flyest? Tell us and win!

You know how we do! Flying Fish is all about style and self-expression. Out of the ordinary, you dig?

So, when the Bus Stop Barber rolled into Braamies, we made sure that our top stylists Marcus and Karen gave our celebs guests some fly fresh looks that added #EvenMoreFlavour.

If you missed out, don’t sweat it, yo! Check out the 5 top hairstyles below and you could win!

In the comments below, simply give a young shout out to which style you dig and you could WIN two 6 packs of Flying Fish to add #EvenMoreFlavour to your life.

UPDATE, here are the WINNERS of the comp: 


“Yes I just lv her n her style ..her swag ❤❤❤❤” – Yenziwe Snenhlanhla

“When Nomuzi is slaying ! Mxm girl we need to have a one on one. I dont know how u do it,but u do it right.” – Lebo Motlhamme

“This is the one… I saw your video and I looked at all of them but this Nomuzi Haircut is the one!!!! I need it !!!! #EvenMoreFlavour” – Bhongolethu Thobela


“The buzz fade because its so ✈ and I would rock it the same way as a fresh  #❄green ” – Cruwin Macfary

“The Switch Up is Fly. Fish Gills kinda proper. I Dig it big time.♡” – Siyabonga


The Nomuzi

Hands down, the queen of skhanda isn’t scared to take risks with her steez. Nomuzi put herself in the hands of Marcus “Famous Razorblades” at the Flying Fish Bus Stop Barber and added #EvenMoreFlavour to her crowning glory. She emerged with a fresh, unique cut inspired by Versace.

How to get ‘The Nomuzi”


1. Using clippers, shave the whole head on a close cut, but not fully shaved – leave some room for the pattern effect.
2. Using the tip of the clippers carve patterns into the hair, Nomuzi opted for some fly geometric patterns in an asymmetrical style.

Tip: This style is best handled by a pro, but don’t be scared to celebrate your own unique flavor and go all in with the patterns.


The Switch Up

DJ Switch added #EvenMoreFlavour to his style by going for a “business on the bottom, party on the top” vibe – think K. Dot and you’ve got it – and so ‘The Switch Up’ style was born.

How to get ‘The Switch Up”


1. The key with this style is that the top is longer than the sides and back.
2. Start by giving the top of your hair a fresh fly cut but keep some length.
3. Clippers are then used to trim the hair closely from the neck upwards.
4. A blade adds the finishing touches and ensures that the hair looks fly and graduates up towards the longer top length.


The Classic Buzz

A firm favourite, the classic buzz shows that you take pride in your style. A great haircut can make all the difference and the classic buzz always looks fresh and clean.


How to get ‘The Classic Buzz”

1. It’s a simple, short all over, clipper cut.
2. Your barber will then clean up the edges and graduate the sides and back using a short clipper setting or a blade.
3. The shorter the better, visit your barber regularly to ensure you keep your look clean and well maintained.


The Buzz Fade

A current style favourite with the stars, the buzz fade is short on the sides and the back and longer on top. Check out the video to see how top stylist Karen transformed DJ Ankletap’s typical boring cut into a stylish Buzz Fade.


How to get ‘The Buzz Fade”

1. First get your stylist to give all of your hair a good trim and style
2. The main difference is that the sides and back are cut short – some clippers are needed here and scissors to grade the short hair into the longer length.
3. How long you leave the top is up to you – when your cut is done right (with the help of some styling product) this look can be worn in a few different ways.


The Goode

DJ Roger Goode prefers some length to his hair, so for this cut Karen gave his hair a stylish trim but was careful to leave some length. This means that with some fresh styling products, Roger is able to either slick back his hair or wear it in a messier loose style.


In the comments below, simply give a young shout out to which style you dig and you could WIN two 6 packs of Flying Fish to add #EvenMoreFlavour to your life. Comp closes 8 October.


The Switch Up!!!!!! I mean what’s fresher than this cut? Its fresh and has been trending for a while now and it’s still fresher than your otherwise haircut. Not to mention it can be styled to your liking…

The switch up all day everyday… Adds some flavor to the first impression someone gives off

Cruwin Macfary
The buzz fade because its so ✈ and I would rock it the same way as a fresh #❄green

The Buzz Fade #EvenMoreFlavour #FlyingFish

The Nomuzi cut definitely looks the swaggy,so lit,so flavorful. Love it!

I love the #Nomuzi cut… its very cool & stylish… ☺ #perfection #best_haircut #Nomuzi #cool_sexy

The Switch Up is Fly. Fish Gills kinda proper. I Dig it big time.♡

The Nomuzi style is so different then simple and smart..its so I’m fashion this days everybody wants to cut their hair I love <3

Definitely “The Switch Up” straight out from the barber!. something about this haircut that makes a girls’ knees weak. and it not even hard to maintain it. xxxx #Flyingafish ♥♡

The Nomuzi Is also risk taking,bold,stands out and sophisticated. It says a lot about her confidence.. It’s awesomely fresh big ups to her not many people would pull it off she rocks!!!

The Nomuzi is the illest cut.. so fresh like a flying fish.. great for the summer weather #EvenMoreFlavour

Wow Nomuzi haircut is fresh to death…. I’m going to copy it so I can do look fly

The Switch up is way fly guys! #BusStopBarber #FlyingFish #hairstyles #Nomuzi #DJankletap #RogerGoode #TrevorStuurman

Sam Ngcobo
#Nomuzi 1.bold 2.its says “im unique” 3. Commands attention 4.reveals a fearless black girl character as may worry about how long it will take to grow the hair back 5.its sexy and appealing 6.its simple 7.easy care!(time Convinient for “on the go”) type of a girl 8.its enticing 9. Its dope! 10. Best Confidence one can wear in a life time type if a cut!! #thebestcutever

The Nomuzi is flyest because anyone can rock a close shave…also its Spring now, its hot and short hair is good for keeping cool plus the styling adds #evenmoreflavor

The Classic Buzz. As a gent who is into looking fresh and clean you can’t go bad with the classic buzz. Works better with short sideburns and a trimmed beard. You’ll be sure sure to walk around being every lady’s #Goals

Nomthandazo Mthembu
THERE is something very sensual about the Nomuzi style aka “Get up and go style”. It exudes positive energy and demonstrates confidence and self-assurance. Shaved head is a fashion statement for many, giving them a sharp and sophisticated look. Whether you’re looking for a way to fight a receding hairline or just looking for a new style, a shaved head has become more and more popular. Has style and class, and paired with a winning fly smile and right attitude adding more flavour, attracts the right kind of attention.

Darshan Lalloo
The buzz fade on DJ Anklet apply is awesome. It’s stylish and totally eye pleasing

Thabang Trigger Malebese
The Nomuzi is the flyest because it’s a cut that works for every class,classic or funky,easy to maintain…and allows one to step out of the ordinary,which mean More Flavour