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World, meet the next big shot photographer!

 “I kinda fell in love with light, it keeps my passion alive,” says Ricardo when asked about his love affair with photography. Beginning his career as a teenager sneaking into clubs to capture the social scene from behind the lens, Ricardo today describes himself as a “Lost Explorer”.  

We caught up with the light-lovin’ Ricardo and heard his word on everything from red roses to adding your flavour and discovering inspiration where you least expect it.

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How do you understand the Add Some Flavour Network?

I’m new to the Flavour Network, but it’s just about adding something extra from yourself. It’s about adding personality and adding flair to everything that you do.

What does it mean to #AddSomeFlavour?

I’d say that it’s adding a splash of colour and adding some excitement. It’s about adding your own personal touch to it. That’s what Flying Fish is all about – bringing out the best in you and bringing your unique flavour to whatever you do.

Can you tell us about a moment where you’ve taken the expected and made it unexpected?

I recently did a shoot with Shashi Naidoo where it was done in studio but she had this huge bouquet of red roses and we were inspired so we worked with that. We filled the bath with the roses and photographed her like that. It’s about being aware of your surroundings and using what’s there.

For it’s me, it’s about being aware and being present.

When you need to #AddSomeFlavour, where do you find inspiration?

I think perspectives inspire me. Seeing how people see the world. I’ve been shooting editorials for a long time so people like Mario Testino and Helmut Newton are the people that inspire me. Locally, people like Chris Saunders inspire me to be better in what I do.

Is there anyone that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Look, of course I’d love to collaborate with a lot of big players in the photography world. But there’s a lot of people locally that I’d like to work with that I haven’t yet. So I’d like to start there. But I mean the people within the network is a great place to start – Bhubesii, Loot, Switch – all of them.

How do you see music, food, fashion and art all coming together?

I think they’re all art forms. I mean, even Flying Fish as a drink – it’s an art form to create something with flavour. As art forms they come together and blend nicely throughout history. People in fashion take inspiration from music and vice versa. They’re all intertwined in some way. There’s examples of this blending of flavours everywhere.

Any last words?

I’m bad at last words, it’s a tricky one. But if it’s something that’s gonna be written down I’d say follow your passion and move with an open mind.

 Don’t ever rule out someone else’s perspective.

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